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JRoboticAI’s vision

At JRoboticAI, all the services we carry out come from our vision. Our team thinks robotic, IoT and AI is transforming business. Because, by automating, bringing in better profitability or offering unique experiences, these technologies is becoming unavoidable. But this evolution, is changing our way to work. Infact, some trades will disappear, and others will be created. That’s why we help companies in the following key steps:

Expression of need and technical translation.
Strengthening teams with qualifed engineers.
– Help in tests and validations.
Recruitment of technical profiles.
Technical training.

But, to summarize our services, we have synthesized them in 5 areas that we detail below. If you have any questions, please leave a message. It would be a pleasure to answer you.

Ours services


JRoboticAI helps and supports companies in the development of their projects. Our specialization in new technologies related to robotics, AI and IoT, makes us unique.


Whether in an industrial or commercial environment, robots offer very interesting returns on investment. That’s why we help you to implement the right solution for your business.


Do you want to grow your team? At JRoboticAI we have both technical and business knowledge. So, we can help you to find the right profile for your needs.


Our goal is to train technical profiles to new technologies such as robotics, AI and IoT and to support engineers in their professional evolution.

Proof Of Concept

It can be difficult to design new products in a technical area such as robotics, IoT or AI. That’s why we help companies to make their projects becomes true.

N° SIREN 832 685 663
RSEIRL de Paris, Code APE 7112B
16 rue de Vouillé, 75 015 Paris, FRANCE