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Autonomous Robot


For one of our customers, we designed an autonomous robot. This robot called Emma, has been created to assist a team of collaborators. Due to his sensor, the robot moves freely in the workspace and goes from office to office to interact with people around him.

Autonomous Robot Image

In autonomous navigation, two categories compete: AGVs and UGVs. The oldest and most present one on the market is AGV (Automated Ground Vehicule). Indeed, the technology of an AGV robot is simpler. The robot follows a line to move from point A to point B. But, it does not know the space in which it works as well as its position. Moreover, this requires an installation or work that may be intrusive on the site (Eg. magnetic field lines buried). In opposition to this method there are UGVs (Unmanned Ground Vehicle). UGVs have a map of the environment in which they move. And, by using Lidar, radar or other sensors, they know their position. So, they are able to move freely, optimize their trajectory and adjust the route. In the case presented below, Emma, is a robot with UGV navigation to fit into a workspace.

Emma, an autonomous robot

Emma Image
The main feature of this robot is its ability to empty the baskets in full autonomy. Thanks to its depth camera and 5-axis articulated arm, it detects, catches, and empties the baskets. In addition to that, Emma has a vocal chatbot. This allows an easier human to machine interaction and an easier access to other features. If you are busy, just ask Emma and she will give you your next meeting, give you the time or your horoscope as you wish.

Key components

    Mobile base – Yujin Robots, Kobuki
    Vision – Intel, SR300
    Robotic Arm – Trossen Robotics, WidowX arm
    Brain – Lenovo, ThinkPad
    Voice – Google

I invite you to read the following video to see Emma in action:

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