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Today, the rise of new technologies is driving a perpetual evolution of trades. That’s why at JRoboticAI, we carry out various technical trainings. The purpose of these courses is to help engineers to evolve in their field of competences. But when you have a project or a business, there is not enough time. So, to fit into your schedule, the courses last on average three days from Monday to Saturday included. And, by the end, you will be fully able to develop new projects in the field studied.

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We do training in object detection, ROS, articulated arms, and others. Here, we set up a training called “Android and Robotics”.

Android & Robotics trainings

This course took place in an engineering school called ESME Sudria. The objective was to allow students to develop a specific android application for their project. So we created a hands-on course to develop from scratch an Android application that controls a robot. Because the students already had the hardware knowledge needed to make the robot, this part was not discussed. We used a robot from Adafruit, easy and quick to build, able to communicate with Bluetooth.
Adafruit Robot
The course is divided into three parts (Fronted, Backend, and Bluetooth communication). Each part starts with a theoretical introduction, followed by a coding section. As a starting point, all the prerequisites and Android are presented. Next, the first section start.

We voluntarily separate the fronted, the backend and the Bluetooth communication. In fact, this allows the student to gradually understand the development of an Android application. But the main point is the coding section. Coding the application directly validates the skills acquired. And, it also allows to have a concrete result that values and encourages the student.

Read the following video to see what student were able to do:

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