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Areas of expertise


Eg: Robotic Arm, Autonomous Navigation, Object Detection, ROS, CAD, Integration…

Internet Of Thing

Eg: Network Architecture, API Programming, Low Consumption Embedded System, LoRa, Sigfox, …

Artificial Intelligence

Eg: Machine Leaning, Deep Learning, Convolutional Neuronal Networks, Decision Trees, …

Make your robot a reality!
What we can offer you


JRoboticAI helps and supports companies in the development of their projects. Our specialization in new technologies related to robotics, AI and IoT, makes us unique.


Whether in an industrial or commercial environment, robots offer very interesting returns on investment. That’s why we help you to implement the right solution for your business.


Do you want to grow your team? At JRoboticAI we have both technical and business knowledge. So, we can help you to find the right profile for your needs.

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